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The chief executive officer address

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  Welcome you browse the dint plastics molding tool limited company website, if can build with this we promote the understanding, communicating the exchanges, the terrace of the friendly cooperation, I will feel keenly the honor!

  Five hardships of the in the last yearses start a business, five years of rains and winds is travel at double speed.The dint the person is with the spirit that chisel incessantly, the will of the firm and unyielding, the bearing that go forward courageously, produce the business enterprise development to become to gather the molding tool, note the and spray the oil, silk to print today from a molding tool of one, the electronics assembles a manufacturing business enterprise of dragon of craft of etc..The dint of is meeting the situation of thrive the exhibition with it, the person of 's accomplishment, the is sign in molding tool profession.

  The mountain does not be disgusted with high, the water does not be disgusted with deeply.The plastics molding tool profession development is infinite.The strength grass stands the fresh breeze, the torrent current breaks the ice to flow out, face increasingly market winds and clouds of change the vehemence of 暫 .I realize the importance of innovation and management.The innovation is a business enterprise to keep the eternal development not motive of and headspring.I pay attention to usher in the advanced technique on the innovation, the forerunner's equipments and new crafts, new material, improvement product design structure.We study actively to go together the industry forerunner's management mode at home and abroad on the management, strict norm management.According to the development demand of the company, the reasonable establishes the organization rules distance and basic systems of the company, and each kind of homework process of management business include the category form, chart, the company image norm, become a set of opposite and stable management system that unifies the norm, pass the implement toward that system and continuously perfect, to attain to moderate efficiently, the operation contain preface.At the same time the company is to the management, business, produce, engineering, finance etc. the five greatest sections carried out the information-based management completely, insuring the work efficiency, the quantity" the double is high".

  " The spring March, grass of Chiang-Nan long" is the surprised and gorgeous incomparable spring of quarterly again, leading the large molding tool field hero hero absolute being to go toward, a light of the review past outlook future molding tool business prospect, we will take 16 its policies of" with become the and take letter as the origin, try hard for the benefit of , serve highest", spreading with the intelligence and sweat the road of the success;Defend the dint molding tool brand of with the prestige and quantity;Use reasonable of price and service attack and occupy the molding tool market;Obtain the honor with the trustworthiness and cooperations;Hand over five whole world company's companions in lakes with the loyalty and kind and justice;Hold hands with each customer and enter, create fine tomorrow together.

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