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¡¡¡¡The dint plastics molding tool limited company of Shenzhen City establishes in 2000, is the company that a profession design makes the precise molding tool of plastics, the company locates Second industrial zone,Kuusakushimura,Kuishin District,Kaijo Highway,Bao'an District,Shenzhen, investing Hong Kong dollar 10,000,000, the factory premises area amounts to 2600 square meters, the company owns the employee's near more than 200 persons now, among them,15 managers, professional molds design 6 personnels and measure 2 personnels, each kind of technician's more than 170 personses.
The molding tool product involve extensively, include: home appliances molding tool, the electronics product molding tool, transact the equipments molding tool, the medical treatment apparatus molding tool, the figures laser product molding tool, among them be like the molding tool product a rows, such as machine and cellular phone...etc. to go together the ex- pike of industry with the telephone, facsimile machine, liquid crystal display, MP3, MP4, printer, figures.The molding tool of year of company produces the ability to amount to 300, the biggest molding tool specification is the 1.2 M ¡Á 0.8 Ms, the weight amounts to 7 tons.The company experiences successively the development for 5 years, expanding to become the molding tool, note the and spray the oil, silk to print from a molding tool of one manufacture, the electronics assembles a manufacturing business enterprise of dragon of the craft ability of etc., becoming the complete molding tool industry chain of plastics.
¡¡ ¡¡In order to provide the precise molding tool that overseas-funded enterprises and local business enterprises need more quickly and more and conveniently, promote the business enterprise product quantity, strengthen the competition ability for export, the dint company ushers in the nicety to process the equipments continuously, having every variety to process the equipments more than 50 sets set to the company of the end of 2005, among them:The line incises 4 sets, precise CNC4 set, the number in Taiwan shows 6 sets of the flat surface grinding machine, Taiwan the number controls 12 sets of miller, one set of lather, various ZNCs turn on electricity to process 7 sets of machine, large shake the arm to drill 2 sets of bed, try the mold to use to note5 sets of machine of , three sit the mark diagraph instrument and cast shadow the instrument, degree of hardness test instrument, etc. diagraph instrument more than 10 setses.The company adopts the CAD, PRO/ EUG etc. software carries on the molding tool design, the CAM carries on the shape, the plait distance, relying on the team of the high quantity, the management of science, the forerunner's production craft, the reasonable price fixed position, perfect after-sales service, got the trust of the large customer, with high and unusual, the creates the dint, great diagram high section, river group etc. domestic and international the well-known business enterprise built up long-term of cooperative relation.
¡¡¡¡The company geography condition is superior, the transportation is convenient very, the international airport of a Shenzhen City, was apart from 107 National Freeways 200 Mses of aorta before, carry on the back to depend wide deep superhighway only 20 meter, be apart from the blessing 3 kilometers of wharf always.We follow the aim of" the prestige first, quality is originally, customer highest, the become the service", initiating the frontier spirit of" keep on the improvement, creative high always", taking orders" thick and virtuous carry the thing, work to BE the person first" to deal with affairs the philosophy, the welcome old rain new information continues to give the dint company support and help, the dint company all colleague make an effort contented customer's need, grow up together with the public, create the fine future together.

Address:Building 1,First building,Shinjuku Ward,No. 21,Second industrial zone,Kuusakushimura,Kuishin District,Kaijo Highway,Bao'an District,Shenzhen
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